The brand new Volvo XC60 needs to be good. First, since it shares a great deal using the really excellent V, S and XC90, and 2nd, because it’s a hugely important vehicle for that brand. Volvo states the present XC60 may be the “bestselling premium mid-size Sports utility vehicle in Europe”, which within the nine years it’s been in purchase, nearly millions of happen to be offered. Additionally, it states the XC60 “represents around 30 percent of Volvo’s total global sales”. That’s many, many cars.

Good factor it’s a looker, then. Just like a stubbier XC90, with seating for five rather of seven. The portrait touchscreen you receive in other Volvos will get a small update for much better graphics and “improved usability”. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto remain optional.

Volvo’s also keen to tout its wide range of safety package. It calls the XC60 “one from the safest cars ever made” because of the Steer Assist system, which will help motorists avoid accidents obstacles, despite oncoming cars. Pilot Assist, which will the steering, speeding up and braking on well-market roads at speeds as high as 81mph, is definitely an option.

All engines are 4cyl. The T8 plug-in hybrid powertrain in the XC, V and S90 can make for that quickest XC60. 400bhp means -62mph in five.3secs. Most tends to buy the 187bhp D4 or 232bhp D5. A 251bhp T5 gas may also be obtainable in Britain, although not the 316bhp turbo- and supercharged T6. Boo.

The XC60 reaches the Geneva Motor Show at this time (visit it). Production begins mid-April.

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