Doesn’t appear 5 minutes because we were built with a new Nissan Qashqai, will it? The kickstarter from the whole crossover trend has a tendency to melt in to the background of tall hatches nowadays. So, Nissan’s freshened up, adding angrier lights with look-round-corners ability, a bluffer ‘v-motion’ grille and 2 new colours. A shade of brown ambitiously entitled ‘Caspian Bronze’, which ‘Vivid Blue’.

No, none of that’s a huge deal. However, in case your nerdy streak does choose one of these simple new Qashcows in traffic, keep an eye, because odds are it’s driving itself.

Yup, Nissan’s plumbed ‘ProPilot’ into its crossover, that is a tiresome reputation for self-driving tech that appears after steering, acceleration and braking in single-lane traffic. It’s meant for easing frustration on traffic clogged motorways or aiding high-speed cruising, similar to Audi’s traffic jam assist, and Nissan with confidence states the upgrade “continues Nissan’s ongoing journey towards zero emissions and nil fatalities.”

Weirdly, Nissan’s attempted to help make the new Qashqai easier to drive, even though it’s getting along all right with no driver a few of the time. Suspension and steering happen to be tweaked, and it’ll be quieter inside because of thicker rear glass and new soundproofing. Oh, and look for that GT-R-esque controls inside. It isn’t far too late for any Nismo version, Nissan…

Back around the autonomous safety front, Nissan’s adding emergency brake-pedestrian recognition as well as an alert for reversing from oblique parking spaces towards the car’s number of driver aids. Essentially, it’s proof that tech the thing is on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class always filters lower to more regular cars – which transition is happening very much of the lot faster the self-driving vehicle idea is snowballing.

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