Whether it hasn’t been stated before, your house it now – never underestimate ale in france they to create wonderfully insane cars from otherwise mundane hatchbacks. There is the Renault 5 Turbo, for example, or even the Peugeot 205 T16, or perhaps the V6-powered Clio.

Since we’re within the electric age, they are a factor of history, right? Er, no. Satisfy the Renault Zoe e-sport concept.

It’s not just one, but two electric motors, great for a combined 456bhp and 472lb foot of torque. Which means a -62mph duration of 3.2 seconds, that is pretty, but it’s the -130mph dash in under 10-seconds that actually has our attention.

But that’s just one (admittedly headline-grabbing) area of the story. The e-sport isn’t only a name selected randomly – it’s a bonafide electric sports vehicle, with genuine racing tech.

There is a tubular steel chassis to help keep the e-sport strong, and lashings of graphite and kevlar keep your weight lower to 1400kg, despite 450kg of batteries aboard.

And, to make certain no power is squandered by wheelspin, the e-sport concept is-wheel-drive. Four different drive modes adjust the ability delivery and distribution – we’re wishing that the 20:80 front to rear setup can be obtained, for optimum drift.

To make certain that this wondrous power doesn’t finish by having an claim along with a story to inform lower in the pub, the e-sport will get a significantly wider track, in addition to dual wishbone suspension throughout, controlled by four-way adjustable Ohlins dampers. Now, for individuals who have no idea the best way to adjust a surprise absorber four various ways, it is due to two variables – everywhere speed shocks – and just how the damper reacts to the compression and rebound stroke. Simple!

Renault also states there’s “suitably large brake discs”, but doesn’t enter the discussion any more. So, they’re… um, most likely great. Surely.

Getting to the styling, and you’ll observe that the familiar Renault Yellow will get merely a passing mention around the e-sport, teamed having a hue referred to as ‘Satin Blue’. It’s the color from the Renault Formula E vehicle, which is different from heaven blue, deep navy and jet black worn through the F1 team through the years.

The e-sport’s 20-inch wheels make use of a race-style center locking nut, for optimum track day cred – or around you are able to muster within an electric supermini – and Renault states the home windows are “extra-tinted”, which could simply be a great factor.

The bald eagle-eyed among you might have spotted too little door handles around the e-sport. This isn’t a design oversight, though – you will find apparently ‘open zones’ that react to a “simple tap”. Handy.

You would like one, right?

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