Be honest: you’ve dreamed of making your personal ideal supercar. It’s fine we have all fantasised about this. Bonkers carbon aero aids, no annoying rules, and possibly a screaming naturally aspirated powerplant. Stop drooling.

You’re searching at caused by mixing that brief using the vision of two-time F1 world champion and double Indianapolis 500 champion Emerson Fittipaldi and also the styling know-how of illustrious Italian design house Pininfarina. It’s known as the Pininfarina EF7, it has 592bhp and 310lb foot from the naturally-aspirated V8 particularly created for the vehicle by HWA (that revs to 9,000rpm), and you’re absolutely certainly not permitted to consider it anywhere near an open road.

Fittipaldi’s brief for that EF7 (the seven originates from the very fact he’s got seven children, because you ask) was “a top performing track vehicle created for that gentleman driver and destined [for] limited series production, combining…extreme performance with immediacy useful and safety in track racing for a non-professional race vehicle driver.” So, go fast, not require days of set-up, out on another scare the rich owner witless, quite simply.

We’re told the finished vehicle weighs around 1000kg, and it has been engineered by German racing outfit HQA AG, that has formerly sorted DTM cars for championship-winning teams. Quite the dream-team, it appears.

Though a restricted production run of EF7s is planned, almost anybody can drive the vehicle – as long as they’re owning a Ps. Yup, the vehicle is yet another among the Vision Gran Turismo concepts we’ve become familiar with, and can be a downloadable add-on for that Gran Turismo racing simulator franchise.

So, that’s Emerson’s concept of an aspiration performance vehicle. Got all of your own ideas should Pininfarina come calling?

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