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Mitsubishi’s Global Small concept vehicle, the e-compact, will the coming year spawn a production supermini sized from a city vehicle and also the company’s outgoing Colt.

The Thai-built, 3.74-metre-lengthy vehicle is going to be offered throughout Mitsubishi’s markets with simply minor regional changes.

Mitsubishi’s global product director, Gayu Eusegi, told Autocar that variations is going to be restricted to engine calibration to satisfy differing emissions rules, and details for example “colours and interior fabrics”.

See pics of Mitsubishi’s new e-compact

That’s a bolder stance even than Nissan has had using its new Micra, that has been poorly received in developed markets, despite bigger regional variations.

The e-compact belongs to Mitsubishi’s drive to reduce the emissions of their selection of vehicles. The organization promises to cut the CO2 creation of its cars by 50 percent prior to 2020, and can introduce eight full-electric or gas-electric hybrids by 2015. A complete-electric e-compact is going to be available.

Other e-compact derivatives may have 1. or 1.2-litre gas engines with stop-start and part-time alternators.

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