​​Just because we don’t get the Honda S660 roadster doesn’t mean we still can’t have a low-priced sports car.

While a new Automotive News report indicates that the fantastic, super-mega-tiny S660 roadster isnt coming to the U.S. as was expected—we understood that a 1.0-liter S1000 was on the table—we thanked our lucky VTECs that we will at least be sold the Civic Type R. According to American Honda executive vice president John Mendel, the S660 is likely too small to cut it stateside, but he did add that we shouldnt give up hope for a Honda-brand sports car here, which hooray! As much as wed love to see the fun-to-drive S660 here, it is truly very, very small: A Fiat 500 is 10.7 inches longer and six inches wider than the S660. Given how poorly micro machines like the Smart Fortwo and others do in the American marketplace, keeping the mid-engined S660 in Japan is likely the smart move. Yet Mendel says U.S. dealers are clamoring for both a low-priced sports car like the S2000 and something akin to the rumored baby Acura NSX designed to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayman. Now we wait for the follow through from Honda. An affordable sports car would help rekindle enthusiast interest in the brand, and well never turn down any sort of mid-engined anything. Via Car and Driver


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    Gonna be that guy: "The GTX 970 starts* at around $300"

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